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Из комментариев в одном сообществе:

Не могу не процитировать из книжки "Vernon God Little", автор родился в Австралии, но действие происходит в Америке:

'Man, remember the Great Thinker we heard about in class last week?' he asks.
'The one that sounded like "Manual Cunt"?'
'Yeah, who said nothing really happens unless you see it happen.'
'All I remember is asking Naylor if he ever heard of a Manual Cunt, and him going, "I only drive automatics." We dropped the biggest fucken load.'
Jesus clicks his tongue. 'Shit, Vermin, you always only thinkin bout dropped loads. Just loads, and shit, and girl tangs. This is real, man. Manual Cunt asked the thing about the kitten – the riddle, that if there was a box with a kitten inside, and if the box also had an open bottle of death-gas or whatever, that the kitten's definitely going to knock over at any moment…'
'Whose kitten is this? I bet they're pissed.'
'Fuck, Verm, I'm serious. This is a real-time philosophy question. The kitten's in this box, definitely gonna die at some moment, and Manual Cunt asks if it may as well be called dead already, technically, unless somebody's there to see it still alive, to know it exists.'
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